Taxi Cab Dave

Not saying it is. Not, that it isn't. The veracity of this story will be gleaned at the end, and by the eventual outcome.

In the Big Apple lots of celebs use my service. Walken is a fave. Naturally I was thrilled to give him a lift. He's just a regular guy, you know. That special way he has of putting a different emphasis on the spoken word is his signature; syllabification-wise, and syntactically. It seems also that's the way he always talks. WHO? Knew!

Quick course in  Chrisopher Walken inflection:

1. HOW do you do?
2. How DO you do?
3. How do YOU do?
4. How do you DO?

Anyhow, he's in my cab and I'm taking him to 30 Rockefeller Center. He says he's hosting SNL. Yeah! Must see TV!

He sees the cowbell hanging there and asks, "Hey, what IS ... that for?" I tell him that I give it a whack at the end of every fare. "Nice ... TOUCH," he says.

As he's leaving the cab — good tipper, by the way — he leans back in and says to me, "I HOPE you hear a lot of that bell FROM ... now on!" 

Thank you, Christopher Walken!

The rest is history. 

So SHOULD I say ... and ... YOU'RE ... welcome.

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