Taxi Dave Devil

He made quite an impression. Quoting Beelzebub with his blistering breath verbatim, that doyen of the deepest dark, that ruler and dean of the most dastardly cohorts of depravity, that prince of all that blasphemes the every smallest good thing . . . 

This is what he said: 

"You want to know what hell is? I'll tell you, boy!" 

"Hell is a place where NOBODY knows your name, or gives a good f**k anyway. And, where EVERYBODY you see has YOUR FACE." 

"Holy Cow!" I blurted out. 

And then this capper comes from Satan's hot lips, "That's right, Sonny. And, that's on a GOOD day!"

"Gee wiz!" I nervously murmured.

"And . . . Now YOU belong to ME!!!" demanded Satan with all the haughty confidence only such a damnable deceiver could muster.

I am anything if not on my toes.  And, not to be trifled or messed with. 

I yelled right back, "Get out of my cab you damned, melodramatic red mother f**ker!!! I have a choice where my soul's concerned. Now get!!! 

Yelling at him as he beat his hasty retreat: "TIPSCH PSA CREF HOLETTA, YASNI PIORUN CHAZ. GODDAM SONOFABITCH!!!" (That there is an old world, full blooded expletive which is in fact so rude no one fluent in the Polish tongue even knows what it means.)

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