I've been hearing ...

And, wondering why this hasn't become a thing in the 2016 election. Heck, in all elections. A simple drug test.

Just like what any poor schlep has to pass even to get a job cleaning the toilets at Walmart.

Here we've seen candidate Trump sniffing rather noticeably and often at the first two debates. People have even speculated on the record that this might be evidence of cocaine. One, in fact, that the constant sniffling is definitively indicative of the drug.

I don't know if it is, or if it isn't. Just that don't we as informed voters deserve such an assurance about our governmental servants? 

And, doesn't Mr. Trump deserve to have this put to him also as comeuppance for his ongoing tactic of saying things like "People are saying", and therefore feels that whatever dirt he is promoting be cleared up by the accused. The Obama birther thing is a pretty definitive example.

Also, I have some history with druggies. Once I was helping a friend manage her hotel in South Beach, Miami. A shady young couple were residents. She danced at the Pink Pussycat, and in all likelihood turned tricks upstairs at the hotel. He was her boyfriend and pimp. They were typically late with the rent and I confronted the fellow finally about it in the hotel lobby.

As he was giving his list of excuses he tossed the butt of his filter tip cigarette into the potted plant. I told him that wasn't something to do. On a dime he casually stated that it was good for the plant.

Later, when they completely skipped on the rent, we had the police open the apartment to find the makings for crack. They reappeared a few days later demanding that we turn over their belongings which we had cleared out. Demanded. And, offended. 

That's druggies for you. Chronic and, expert liars.

Then I think about how Mr. Trump can recast his discussion about how you can grope women if you're a star. As ... locker room banter. Granted he didn't come out and say that he was a star. Or, that he in fact gropes — groped — women. In a court of law he would probably walk. He does have the knack of speaking with deniability. Which is what we are all probably all too fed up with in our politicians anyway. 

Yet, obviously he lives in a world were that sort of behavior is probable. A world where hitting on women is just part of the transaction. It seems to have been overlooked that he also has a history of making passes at married women. Speaks to me of his disrespect for the husbands as well. 

Mr. Trump ... take the test!

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