Mr. Richard Simmons

My favorite movie star!

I worked at a once famous New York City toy store called Johnny Jupiter. Fun stuff. And, a fun experience. I worked the cash register, and bantered with the customers. Many celebrities.

One very recognizable celebrity was America’s Fitness Guru Himself, the ever electric Mr. Richard Simmons. He is my very most favorite movie star. Ever! And, I never missed an opportunity to say so.

When he was in town he would often come in and load up on gifts. He always created a big stir with the customers. I liked to tease him. Sort of like Dave Letterman when they were on speaking terms. (Lover’s quarrel?) 

Even in the winter time Richard would emerge from his car with a glittery sports tank top covering up some very short shorts. Very! I had to ask on more than one occasion if he was wearing anything at all under that tank top? 

He was always more than happy to interact with the customers. “Mr. Simmons, are you available for autographs?” “Why, yes, I am.” Then I announced is a raised voice — you should know the shop was very, very small — “Attention shoppers, Mr. Richard Simmons will autograph your shopping bag.” 

He was beaming. 

Then I added “… with every $50 purchase.” 

He froze, hands on hips with the evil eye for me.

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