POST Election BS

After 2 years of campaign BS rhetoric — you know, when it netted down to one candidate would be a disaster; the other, the apocalypse — now we have a fresh serving immediately post election.

After all the negativity delivered in unambiguous, absolute terms, now ... now we are told to come together to "unify" and "heal".

"Unify the country." Does anyone know what that even means? It sure sounds good. Who isn't for unity? Healing? Ditto. 

I'll be good and damned the day I look for unification and healing from some politician. They break it apart, then they put it back together again. It only has to do with getting a vote. Or, to be really cynical, making it appear that we have a say in things. 

I go with the Course in Miracles: "Love has no opposite." "What's real can't be threatened. What's unreal doesn't exist." 

Are we really going to wait for whomever is in the high chair to heal us? It's ours for the taking. NOW.

ADDENDUM: You know that phrase, "What God has put together, let no man put asunder"? That has been appropriated for the vows of marriage. Fine. 

But, there's a larger meaning: What God has joined together, no one can put asunder. Unity is the rule. The delusion is in the very idea of separation. 

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