That Trump! Or, Is It?

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I just don't get the hew and cry over the fact that Donald J. Trump is now President Elect. 

I'll come right to it. Isn't Mr. Trump nothing more than the apotheosis of the values which are part and parcel to the culture we have made for ourselves? Everybody wants changes. But ... Who wants to change? Demonstrated especially so in how detractors want to remove the offending part without really changing the conditions which gave it rise.  Let's be real. After Trump goes you can count on a new improved faster acting, longer lasting stronger version down the road.

You can certainly see the point — changing a part, but not the whole — from observing our relationship to health care. We mostly operate with an orientation stated thus: "Doctor, make it go away." Which the doctor is all too happy to do with pharmaceuticals and/or surgery; those two main favorite procedures of modern medicine. Never mind the cure. The money's not in the cure, it's in the medicine. Besides, a cure would engage us in having to look at ourselves holistically. And, make changes. Just where in the culture do you see any support for that sort of approach? 

So, back to Trump. Evidently there's a recent article suggesting that it is inevitable that the President Elect resign, gets impeached, or assassinated. That's David Brooks in the New York Times. Not some crackpot on some fringey blog. [Like me, you say!] Same difference. I don't think Brooks would be one to eschew real structural social/economic/political change. He's just probably speaking to the same point I'm attempting to make here. Remove the symptom. Keep the cause. 

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