Pachiki Pachako ... 

In the Strange Case of the Paliki Pelako

The telephone rings. The voice at the other end cryptically whispers, "Pachiki Pachako wants his the Paliki Pelako ... Back!" 

Then, in the loudest possible voice ... "IS THAT CLEAR!" Hang up.

Emma was nonplussed. Who? Huh? What? Huh? Who?

Seems that through a most synchronistic inadvertence and unlucky happenstance of the rare once in a blue moon variety the young lady had picked up the Paliki Pelako when foraging for blueberries on a glade not far from her casa. Silly girl! It stuck to her angora anklet the way Velcro sticks to ... well, the way Velcro sticks.

Angora anklets were her de riqueur accessory of choice most times. Make you feel all cuddly and soft, kind of girl-thing. She was a bit of a fashion plate. (Interesting term, "fashion plate". Was it from a time when plates of a certain type were in fashion. You know. In that brief interregnum between WWI and WWII. Maybe.)

That's THE GIRL knocking some socks off. See what I mean.

Anyhow ... That she even was in possession of the aforementioned Paliki Pelako was a fact to which said one she was clueless. Though, to set the record straight, she was almost never clueless. Unless you count the time when she was in the bubble bath and was completely convinced that she had an extra foot. It was just the bar of Lifebuoy Soap which as you can see can easily be mistaken for a foot what with and through the sudsy foamishness.

Well, to make what could be a long story short, she returned the Paliki Pelako to Pachiki Pachako that very same day. And, as you might imagine, it all washed out well in the end.

The end.

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