This is my 500th Blog Post!

My children continue to inspire me:

My 8 year old Grandson recently asked this question: "What is it like to be yourself." His father shared this. Don't know what, if any, answer the boy was given. Here's mine ...

(Sharing my own answer using words rephrased from the wisdom clarity of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche)

I am living with fundamental misperception of reality, confused in dualism, and obscured primordial consciousness. My deluded mind mistaking the manifestations of its own pure, innate primordial awareness for an external reality existing separately from itself, which it endlessly, and ultimately unsuccessfully, attempts to manipulate, trying in vain to bring an end to the continual underlying sense of dissatisfaction and unease which is the inevitable experience of the obscuration of pure awareness. My experience of underlying dissatisfaction that unavoidably arises with a deluded mind continues no matter how 'successful' I become in dealing with my world in materialistic terms ... until the I regain the experience of the primordial state.

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