Giving mother respect.

I am thinking about how our mothers share in our lives. Our joys are theirs. And our sorrows.

Our sharing is not just in terms of outer events, like getting together and keeping in touch. Stories. But, in some mysterious way, more directly and intimately in the conduct of our lives and our experiences. It may be that our mothers feel us living inside them. Maybe not directly as such. But, in a shared resonance.

Also, Mother Earth, doesn't she also share in our lives. And, maybe, in a way more visible and apparent. When we live heedless of our surroundings ignoring our responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth . . . that has consequence. To the body of our Mother Earth, the environment. And it reflects itself in quality of the air we breathe, the purity of the water we drink, the goodness of the food we grow and consume.

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