There’s a Whole World in Front of You . . .

So, there they were. Tomatoes. Lounging in simple quietude, all pretty, minding their own business. Ripening, discussing among themselves who would be the first to be selected; and, for what dish.

When out of nowhere, cabbage. Uninvited. Such a big brute. Round, like a tomato, all right. But does that get you into the club? There it was, so simple. Seemingly. Yet, if you want to look at the layers underneath things, is there anything more so? Except, maybe baklava.

But, I digress.

The shame of it is how the peppers just lay about, doing nothing, uncaring. Slackers, imagining some fried mélange inspired by dreams induced from inhaling garlic fumes.

And, those pears! Who could blame them? Too green to even have a clue about the drama unfolding right in front of them.

Hey, you. Yes, cabbage? It’s sauerkraut for you, buddy! And maybe some roll ups for Sunday dinner.

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