Mr. Malkoviak!

Imagine if the press coverage went more like this:

John Malkovich, the famous actor, has scored a creative coup with his photo mash ups. He's put his famous visage into many well known photographs and paintings. Creative genius!

The actor does give credit where credit is due. In a fashion. He hinted the idea may have come from a similar, and earlier, treatment of the family portraits featured in Wronski's Wramblings, that irresistibly inventive website so well known for its eclectic creativity and  prescient perspicacity.

Naturally, we are pleased with the press coverage. Better than nottin' as our press agent seems to think. But, to be fair and balanced, that so inspiring "All My Relations . . . Oh! Wronski" page in Wronski's Wramblings drew upon a rich heritage of actual Wronski family members who have distinguished themselves, and otherwise, in all corners of the globe and in so many diverse areas of accomplishment. 

Perhaps Mr. Malcoviak assumed since the stamp of the Wronski genetics has been so strong in the physiognomy of the lineage one would conclude the photo entries might have been mash-ups. Au contraire. Here is scientific proof! 

And, there is even a brief written history for each one to establish context and verify historical accuracy. 

Take a look into the Wronski legend at All My Relations . . . Oh! Wronski".

And if you are interested, here is a link to see the, ahem, attempts by the aforementioned actor.

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