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Replicating Pre-Assembled Objects with Moving Parts

3-D printing is a technological frontier that has been reached. Now to the exploration of its uses. 

The feature here is about the ability of 3-D printers to print designs and replications with complex moving parts, fully assembled

Photoshop . . . Move over. 

The video below shows the 3-D printing of a fully assembled and functioning crescent wrench.


It wasn’t shown in the video from the scan how the actual internal moving parts were determined. There is the software interface step before sending the completed file for printing. 

This video demonstrates the software manipulation post-scan required to create the file for 3-D printing the crescent wrench shown in the preceding video.


 Here is a link to a company which produces software and technologies for producing 3-D printed creations: http://www.rapidform.com/home/

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