Fusion Energy ...N
Fusion Energy ... NOW

"Fusion" energy is a current hot topic. While we wait for this miracle energy option to materialize, there is something just as advanced available to each of us. Right now. 

According to a recent Time Magazine article lots of governments, corporations, academic institutions, and private start-ups are knee deep into the R&D on fusion energy.

You know from fusion? It's the kind of energy produced the same way the Sun produces it's light. Without getting into the nitty-gritty Physics of it — which is beyond me anyway — simply to say it's about combining atoms and the by-product energy from that powerful reaction. That's the opposite of "fission", which is about splitting atoms. As in the atomic bomb. Or, the current nuclear energy reactor technology.

The deal with fusion as an energy source is that it's relatively clean and safe. And, potentially abundant almost forever. Now it appears that this is being spoken of as a feasible possibility. 

Don't hold your breath. But, there's an option that is available right now. 

Read on.

Consider this as an elaboration on the definition of fusion energy.

Suppose you take the idea of "combining" and apply it to the easily feasible possibility of connecting the individual human energy field with the energy field of the Earth. Theoretically, the force of Gravity itself would be a vitalizing energy source. At the least, not the unrecognized entropic boogeyman the average randomly disorganized human being experiences due to being at odds in the structural makeup of their body with the ineluctable downward pull of Gravity.

It just makes plain common sense. When the human body is stacked up and arranged to cooperate with the action of Gravity, regardless of what you think might be possible, at least you can see it would simply work better. Just like your garage door opens and closes properly if it's frame is plumb and square. Or, your car goes straight down the road when the suspension is aligned. Or, your boat tracks true because the keel is dead nuts center. Or, your Pizza topping stays on because the oven is level. Things like that. 

Next Step?

I'm a Rolf Practitioner skilled at providing assisted training to bring the body to an effortlessly upright, balanced, unstressed arrangement. You can call me, of course.

First, though ... Let me suggest you come to your own "fusion" with the very idea that your health would be supported, your performance potential increased, your creativity enriched ... if your body was stacked up nice and straight, all even and level.

This is available right now. Think of it as aligning yourself with forces that hold the Universe together. Like that. Literally, like that.

So you should be shiny ... like the Sun.

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