Gravity ... Just Because You Can't See It

The force of Gravity is an ineluctable fact. Just because you can't see it, failing to live up to its demands has consequences. In our dwellings. And ... in our bodies. 

In our bodies, living at odds with the dictates of Gravity looks like stress and pain. Also, this means living below our potential for top performance and creativity. Living under the literal "spell" of imbalances fixed in our very flesh; which also color our outlook and slant our perspective.

Your body, just like it is for any other physical structure on Earth, has to deal with the constant and ever-present pull of Gravity. 

In this respect "Plumb & Square" is the rule. That is, structures need to be stacked up neatly, all level and even to endure. The human body too. 

Now, at this point, someone will probably point out how all those new-fangled architectures look so off kilter. 

On the surface, yes. Call it aesthetics. At their core, you gotta know there's that old Plumb & Square to be sure all the forces balance. 

The human body too.

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