I Got Cher with My Soft Tip

Once upon a time I worked in a Manhattan toy store. Celebrities often shopped there. [Not F.A.O. Schwartz.] Cher came in to buy her (then) daughter a gift bag of assorted amusements. 

We carried all kinds of high and low items. Like Steiff collectibles.
In the gag department — Doggie Doo, Whoopee Cushions, Fake Vomit. That sort of thing. 

Without acknowledging that I recognized her, I asked for an autograph. She was flattered. I handed her a paper and pencil. When she went to write her signature the pencil tip gave way. 

It was a rubber tip pencil!

Ha-Ha, on Cher.

She gave me the same kind of look I remember her giving the irrepressible Sonny.

Now that in my memory is the real autograph.

And, you might like to know, on her Amex Card it said only, "Cher".

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