New Vocabulary for Those Nethers Things

KEYWORDS: Coot-Coot, Prune Shoot, Drainer, Stainer, Mud Gun, Fun Bun, Love Muffin, Porkie-Piggin' it, Full-Donald-Duckn' it

If you're like me and find yourself rather mystified how it seems that women themselves have come up with the term "Vagina" for their lady parts down there, here are some options. 

A vagina is a specific thing and place. Without getting too technical — I am a professional, you know — you don't see the vagina. So what do you call that thing? "Vulva" just doesn't have that lilt on the tongue. No pun or other salacious reference intended. Wink, wink. 

And, of course, both sexes share certain down-there parts. Again, "Anus" and "Buttocks" just don't fit well. Especially if you're straight. Or, a very kinky lady. But, hey. It's all good. Right. We all have friends. And, a little dabbling is part of the college experience.

Now for some rare funny stuff. 

"At least it wasn't her worst Wednesday night" ... 

"At least somebody's interested" ...

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