She's Got a Snake!

Some humor for these gender fluid times ...

Lady is out walking her pet snake when she passes a movie theater and discovers that the last of run showing of a movie she really wants to see is just about to start. There’s no time to take the snake back home, so she wraps the snake around her waist under her skirt and stuffs the head of the snake into her underwear and goes in to see the movie.

The movie is running and the snake starts to get edgy. The woman is patting the snake in an effort to calm it down. 

It just so happens that two old men are sitting next to her, and one of them can't help but see all the patting and stroking.

“George, the woman next to me is playing with herself!” “Pay her no attention and she’ll stop,” advises George.

Well, time passes but the snake is getting more and more agitated being so confined. So the woman lifts up her skirt and pulls the snake half way out.

“George ... George! Now she is deliberately exposing herself!”

“Never mind,” says George. “She ain't got nothing you never seen before.”

“I don't think so! And, besides ... this one's nipping my ear!”

George says, "Then tell her to sit the hell back down."

She is sitting down!

George: "I'm confused."

"You're confused!!!"

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