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Woytek Kohotec ... Wronski

Have you heard of the Wronski Gene. It's been isolated. Ones who have it all look alike. Dead ringers. Similar mentality too. To some extent. 

This will go far to explain how long lost ancestor Woytek Kohotek Wronski, who hails from way back to the Dynastic Period in Egypt, could be assumed to look like all the recent history Wronski's.

Believe it or not, above is an actual photo of ancestor Woytek Kohotek. If you think that it's impossible that they could snap a photo in the Dynastic Period, then the building of the Pyramids and all those other mysteries should not be all that impressive to you. The snap was found sandwiched between two slabs of perfect Lapis Lazuli planed to an exquisitely perfect tolerance to mate with one another, one etched precisely enough to hold the photo. In other words, air tight. Which photo itself, by the way, was on papyrus. How we in modern Wronski time have come to possess such a relic, I am bound to not reveal. Let's just say ... 


I can't!

In the family he is referred to as The Egyptian. Some put it, That Egyptian. Seems our W-K was a bit of a rapscallion. Totally against the Wronski genetic grain. The story is that he ran away with the secret to the Pyramids. Probably other stuff too. There's a barn on the Wronski Family compound in Upstate Michigan where all the brick-a-brack, ephemera, and what-not of the whole Clan Wronski from day one of the Wronski history is kept. Where Babcha Wronski insists, "It's [all] there somewhere in all that mess." Maybe one day some one of us will rummage around and then the world will know how they did it.

Don't hold your breath, though. A Wronski would go to the ends of the Earth for a good Pączek or a plate of Mama's homemade Pierogi. For such as what the Woytek Kohotec might have left ... not so much. Don't ask. It's a Wronski thing. We favor small endeavors. Particularly tasty ones.

CLICK on this to learn about the whole Wronski lineage. Well, not thewhole damn mess of them, but enough to give you a hint of the wonderful Wronski's. 

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