Exceptionalism. America, etc.

You know the term "exceptionalism". Mostly nowadays it's typically associated with "American". But, it covers a lot more than the great — make that soon to be great again — USofA.

American exceptionalism has something to do with how our dear motherland is uniquely blessed. Natural resources, of course. And, as the cradle of democracy. Since we are special, we have certain duties. Noblesse oblige. Who would argue with that?

It, however, has also been a justification for our great nation's leaders to roam the world insinuating their agendas on our behalf into what basically boils down to other people's business. Making it a better place, presumably. Perhaps. But, also making sure that what's happening outside our borders is also for sure "good" for our national strategic interests. Would that the folks who go about doing such and thus had brains enough to know when to leave well enough alone. Also, foresight enough to see potential consequences beyond our "Missions Accomplished".

This is not a rag on America, as such. If you have no idea what the foregoing is about, get into your Noam Chomsky. But, be prepared to be deflowered, politically speaking.

Exceptionalism is a term which applies to anyone or any group which considers itself special. We Catholics have a rich history. The Crusades. The Inquisition. Missions. Christians of all stripes too. Think missionaries. The Muslims. There's them, and the rest of us "infidels". It can't go well for everyone when some are the chosen, true believers and everyone else is the devil. The Jews. The one and only God. (I always heard the word "Goyem" as a pejorative slur.) Mormons. Heck, they got it in writing. On gold, no less. Let's not even go into where the terms "Honky" and "Turkey" come from. Alright, chalk those up to Black resentment. Proving, perhaps, that even an underdog attitude can make you exceptional.

Look, I'm not going after religions or races as such either.

(And you Buddhists ... it's not part of the dharma, but you too can be susceptible to the "Holier Than Thou" fixation. Osho, the mystic teacher, was famous — infamous — for rubbing their spiritual hypocrisy in the face of his native India. The phrase "robes don't make the monk" pretty much encapsulates the sentiment.)

I know a group of ardent folks who espouse physical immortality. They treat others (non-adherents) as tools for their use. Maybe the latter is just because of some I know from that group; but you can see how having an elevated sense of yourself and/or your purposes can make others seem less-than.

It just is that the ego will insinuate itself as being special based on whatever grounds are at hand and convenient. But, you should know, I am in fact exceptional. Mother has said so! Besides me, however ... While no one would dare to argue that I myself am exceptional, the idea of exceptionalism other than referring to me is bunk.

Thus, I assert:

Exceptionalism is a damnable blasphemy to the essential inseparable and ineffable unity of God's Creation.

If indeed God's creation is of a piece, whole inseparable and uninterrupted — Don't expect me to make the case. If you doubt, turn to the Wisdom Philosophies for the proof. — then where does anyone get off creating an "us versus them" situation. It seems a lot have in fact "gotten off". Gotten off on their own juices, as it were. Hope you don't mind the salacious insinuation.

I'll leave it there for you all to discuss.

Leave a comment, and I will respond.

And, while we're on the subject of separation and unity, here's something on the subject of divorce.

CLICK for the article on D-I-V-O-R-C-E

A few excerpts:

"I believe my ex-wife and I did ourselves and our children a disservice. It's one thing to decide to not live together. What often gets missed is that in reality the notion of separation, it is an illusion. And, one pays a tremendous price in aliveness and proper care of the soul for maintaining that fiction."

"You see, if your heart is closed anywhere to someone, then that part of your heart is not available to anyone. Including those who you are committed to, and want to, love unconditionally. Conversely, if your heart, or a piece of it, is only reserved exclusively for someone, then your whole heart is not available to anyone. There is a friction there that wants to be resolved. It won't go away until it is settled."


Hilde Stone said...

You omitted condescending leftists. They also considered themselves an elite. And believe me I know; I grew up with them. They also were very good at flattering people.

David D. Wronski said...

Yes. And those. And, just about any group people can identify as theirs. The "Family" comes also to mind.

David D. Wronski said...

I've written on this before: https://goo.gl/5j8Bjg