Some Box You Got There

Only now am I hearing about some boxes discovered in Egypt in 1850. 

Some boxes!

Known as the Serapeum of Saqqara. 24 of them underground. 100 tons each. The hollowed out boxes weighing 70 tons; the perfectly fitting lids, 30 tons. The hard granite stone quarried from a source some 500 miles away.

Believed to predate the Dynastic Period in Egypt.

Each of the lids is cut from the same block of stone as the boxes. The lids are precisely level covering the boxes for an air tight seal. Overall, the boxes with their lids measure 15 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 10 feet high. 

The insides of the boxes are hollowed out square cut all with precise 90 degree angles. The wall surfaces of some have been measured to be precisely plane to a few ten thousandths of an inch. Can we even do that now?

The connecting corridors where the niches for the boxes are located, at some points seem to be too narrow to turn the box(s) to fit inside.

If you subscribe to the idea that it was sheer human muscle power which built the Pyramids, it doesn't seem possible to have the kind of numbers of men needed to carry 200,000 pound boxes (!) to fit inside the close spaces containing the boxes.

I don't care to speculate on how they pulled off that magic. Some believe the boxes themselves were made to hold the remains of sacred bulls. Yet no bull remains in any of them. Or, that classic go-to ... extraterrestrial aliens. 

All we can say for sure is they had some knowledge and ability which we in the 21st Century are clueless about. In short ... a mystery.

There's plenty to search about this subject. Here's a video with a clear look around the archaeological site.

After the video CLICK on the link to my excellent story Imhotep's Secret. If you think the Pyramids or those boxes are something, Imhotep will not disappoint.


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